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Focus on your product
We take care of the tech

Genalize provides you all the tech resources needed
to build your next big product. Think of Genalize as your virtual CTO. And the best part? You can get started for free.
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We work with the best partners out there

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Michael G.

Founder at Haifix

β€œI chose Genalize to build my quantitative trading platform in the beginning. They were really professional in their execution, which led me come back to them multiple times, and they are still my first choice whenever I need something tech-related done. ”

Get started with your next big idea in tech

We take care of all your basic tech, so you can entirely focus on the product part. We have experts in most of the cutting-edge tech stacks who will help you to build your next big thing.

    AI/LLMAPIdata analyticsdata sciencedata engineeringmachine learningdeep learningUI/UXdata visualizationdata crawlingcloudfrontendbackendmobilewebQ/ASaaSCRMCMS

Loved by tech companies and startups

James N.

Founder at

β€œI have known the Genalize guys from the beginning of their journey in tech, and I have seen them do amazing work. They are professional and treat each project like their own.”

Elrico T.

CEO at Insolution

β€œAs a sole founder of Insolution, I have to handle multiple tech things myself. So, I was looking for a team that could be a partner to take care of my tech stack while I focus on the business part. Genalize have been really good partners of Insolution for more than 4 years now.”

Ousmane C.

CEO at PayCruiser

β€œBeing someone who is quite technical, I was a bit hesitant at delegating the tech related works of my business at PayCruiser to Genalize. But the team they provided were really professional and did a great job. I am really happy with the way they adapted to our tech stack. ”

Pricing for every needs

We have a plan for everyone. And if you are not sure, you can always start with the free plan.


Free initial consultation for your project.

1 hour call

Get a quote

Get a roadmap

And much more...

One-time Payment

One-time payment for a single project.

One project

UI/UX assets

Tech stack of your choice

1 year of updates

And much more...

Team for hire

Choose a team of expert developers for your project.

$50/hr - $120/hr

Dedicated team

Unlimited revisions

Possibliity to work as employees

All aspects of tech covered

And much more...

VAT may be applicable depending on your location.

Frequently asked questions

What exactly is Genalize?
Genalize is a remote tech agency that helps startups and enterprises build their products. We provide a full range of services from product design to development and maintenance.
Do you work with startups only or enterprises as well?
We work with both startups and enterprises. We've worked with startups from the very beginning and helped them grow to millions of users. We've also worked with enterprises and helped them build their products.
How does the pricing work?
We charge hourly rates for our services. The hourly rate depends on the type of service and the experience level of the team member. We also offer fixed-price projects for well-defined projects.
Do you have a minimum budget size?
Yes, we have a minimum budget size of $5,000 for new projects. We do this to ensure that we can provide the best service to our clients.
How is Genalize different from other agencies?
We don't switch between projects without completing them. We assign a dedicated team to each project and they work on it until it is completed. All of our past clients have been coming back to us for more work. We believe that is the best way to grow in business.

Let us take care of your tech needs